How long does it take to get a dog?

We are a built to order business.  In other words, we do not have inventory on hand.  We find out about you and then match the perfect dog.  If there is a time constraint we will work as quickly as possible to meet your demand.

The process generally takes 4-7 months, but again because everything is turn-key and customized it varies greatly on what exactly you want. In some instances when the dog is moving internationally, it may have to be kept in quarantine.  International placement of dogs can also be a brief process depending on training specifications.

What is the process?

Easy.  We meet you and learn about your situation.  Find the dog, customize each training specification to your standard, and then integrate the dog into your environment and life.  We also offer follow up support and training from our professional staff.  We care deeply about our dogs and will work with you after you have the dog.  If you need us to help reinforce training we’re always available to help.

How are you different?

The CEO and Founder of our company is a former Navy SEAL and worked in the SEAL teams as a dog trainer.  In terms of practical application it doesn’t get any better.

We also offer something other companies do not.  We do not FedEx you a dog.  Our team will work closely with you in selecting the right dog.  After the dog is chosen we train them to your specifications.  The final step of the process is integrating the dog into your home.  We travel with the dog and make sure the relationship between you and your new family member is cemented.  We don’t have timelines, we stay with you until both you and I feel comfortable with me leaving.

There are no other companies in our industry with the SEAL Team resume or the process for placement.

Is the dog ok with children?

Yes, our dogs go through a rigorous testing process to check aptitude for integrating into family life.  To be honest we live with all of our dogs and have our families work with them to ensure safety.

How will the dog relate to a women handler?

All of our dogs bond closely with their owners.  It doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman the dog will be easily guided and loyal to you.

Can I purchase a dog if I live in another country?

Absolutely.  We have worked with many clients outside of the United States.  We will work with you regarding any potential quarantine requirements