The Bucknellian – “Navy SEAL and dog inspire audience” (2/5/15)
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KPCW, Park City -“The Mountain Life” (2/4/15)
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Texas Monthly “The Dogs of War” (Feb. 2015)
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Men’s Journal – A Navy SEAL’s 5 Tips to Train Your Dog (1/29/15)
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FOX43 – Train your dog the Navy Seal way with “Team Dog” (1/29/15)
Watch the video… – “Pet Pals TV: Patty talks with Navy SEAL Mike Ritland about how to train your dog the Navy SEAL way!” (1/29/15)
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FOX & friends – How to train your dog the Navy SEAL way (1/28/15)
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New York Post – “Bomb-sniffing dogs that hunt off-leash and the future of K9s” (1/25/15)
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SOFREP – “Navy SEAL Dog Training Tips for Dog Owners Everywhere: “Team Dog” By Mike Ritland” (1/24/15)
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New York Post – 4 ways to train your dog like a Navy SEAL (1/24/15)
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Men’s Journal – Military Dogs Get Their Day (11/11/14)
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The Washington Post – The Belgian Malinois: The dog the White House didn’t use on fence-jumping intruder (9/23/14)
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Purdue University – K-9 Warriors’ author, Navy SEAL to visit Purdue, deliver Discovery Lecture (9/5/14)
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CBS Dallas – Warrior Dog Foundation Helps Animals Heal (7/1/14)
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ABC Newspapers – Patriot Ride to draw thousands of bikers to Ham Lake (6/7/14)
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Las Vegas Informer – From California to Las Vegas to Colorado to Texas: Part of the journey of the Ford truck for the Warrior Dog Foundation (6/4/14)
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Cycle World – Warrior Dog Foundation National Fundraiser Day (5/2/14)
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FOX31 – Eric Frohardt from the Navy SEAL Foundation and Rachel Allon from the Warrior Dog Foundation tell us about the Evening of Tribute.
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CW2 – The Navy SEAL Foundation’s Evening of Tribute.
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Deer Valley Times:
A Different Sort of Hero…

Vail Daily Newspaper:
The Bookworm hosts book event with author, former Navy Seal Mike Ritland…

FOX 12 EVB Live Show AZCentral:

LA Times:

KPTV Fox 12 Oregon:

Bonnier Motorcycle Media Group Blog:

Super Streetbike:

C-SPAN and the Savannah Book Festival
Feb 13-16 marks the renown 7th annual Savannah Book Festival with over 40 bestselling authors, one of which will be Mike Ritland and one very special K9. Meet Mr.Ritland and have your personal copy of Trident K9 Warriors signed. Arrive early to secure your seat at an exclusive speaking engagement covered by C-SPAN on Feb 15th where Mr.Ritland will lead a candid Q&A with attendees. Seating is first come first serve.
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FOX News Interview
Dog of war: What roles do military working dogs play?
Watch this candid interview with Mike Ritland and FOX News discussing the recent events.

Retired Navy SEAL spends his days training dogs for our special forces in harms way

60 Minute – Full Segment
Sniffing Out Bombs: Meet America’s most elite dogs

60 Minutes – Overtime
Is Ax a hero?

60 Minutes – Overtime
Dog Breeds: Some better than others?

60 Minutes – Overtime
Preparing Dogs for High-Risk Situations

60 Minutes – Overtime
Sniffing Out Bombs: Meet America’s most elite dogs

Elite military dogs find bombs, take down bad guys
Mike Ritland is no ordinary dog trainer. Before founding Trikos International, his private business, Ritland was a K9 trainer for the U.S. Navy SEALs. He now breeds and raises “protection” dogs for private individuals and government agencies, focusing especially on special operations forces for the U.S. military.
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Zero Bark Thirty – New York Post – April 14th, 2013
Newspaper article… How to train a dog of war, like Osama bin Laden’s nemesis Cairo, who lend our SEALs a paw

A Sensible Approach to School Security: K-9 in the Class Room

Libya Misconceptions and the Battle of Ideologies

Women’s Self-Defense Weekly: A Women’s Best Friend

The Dogs of War: Part 2

The Dogs of War: Part 1

You’re watching…
US doing enough to bring Libya attackers to justice?

Former Navy SEAL Mike Ritland reacts
Video interview… Ex-SEAL’s mother frustrated by pace of Benghazi probe

Friend of two victims reacts to new details
Video interview… Ex-Navy SEALs not at consulate during Libya attack