Tips for training your dog. Part 1

Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. This is without question the biggest key to dog training. Whether you are creating/shaping new behavior, or reinforcing already known commands, being consistent is you and your dog’s best friend.

We all know that communication is the backbone to our relationships, and our dogs are certainly no exception. One of the biggest problems I routinely see with dog owners, is a confused dog due to a lack of clear and consistent communication on the owners part. This causes problems to compound and can create conflict between owner and handler.  It just simply makes us take steps backwards with our dogs.

Consistent communication for our dogs is the best way to get what we need out of them. The task at hand matters not, whether you are trying to get your dog to stop pulling on a leash, or give back a toy; the answer is the same. Consistent communication is always the right answer. One major issue I see owners have when dealing with dogs, is that they are training from the human point of view. As dog owners, we need to always put ourselves in the dog’s shoes. If we want to fix problems in canine behavior, we have to always view training from the canine perspective.

On my next entry, I will get into some specifics training examples and how you can be a good communicator to your dog.  It will help you to get the results you are looking for…